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The phrase “all humans are created equal” is something that is learned as a child, but yet, a lot of adults seem to forget this as they grow older. For this reason, the mere fact that humans are human should grant us as a species certain rights. This is what was discussed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Essentially, this document states that humans are equipped with rights so a government cannot try to give out rights to humans.

In addition to making this statement, the document declared that the world has a responsibility for protecting rights on a global scale. Prior to World War II, countries would keep to themselves with regard to the rights of citizens. However, this new legislature allowed for treaties across the globe to ensure the equal treatment of humans everywhere.

This is not to say that the world has been completely successful in establishing equal human rights in society. There are still many places in the world where human rights are not granted to every citizen. One main difference is that now there are loyal activists who work to bring attention to these issues and make changes.

What exactly are these activists fighting for? The answer is simple. Equal human rights ensure that people have access to basic needs. Additionally, equal human rights ensure the safety of all humans, including vulnerable groups.

Another human rights issue is freedom of speech and expression. This is a belief that is not accepted all across the world. The concept of equal human rights includes the fact that humans should be able to speak without fear of reprimand when demanding change from their government. This also closely relates to the ability to practice any (or no) religion. If all humans have equal human rights, they can choose what they want to practice without any fear or interference from the governing body.

Other issues that are included under the umbrella term of equal human rights include the ability to access education and equal work opportunities. In an equal society, there is no discrimination between humans, because we’re all humans. This creates equal opportunity for everyone on a global scale. Lastly, the ability to love whoever a human chooses is encompassed in the definition of equal human rights.