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Workplace inequality can lead to dissatisfied employees, animosity between workers, and sometimes results in lawsuits over discrimination. Unhappy employees often underperform, and the turnover rate is typically higher than in less-stressful environments. Every business owner, corporate manager, and CEO should strive to create a fair and equal work environment for everyone.

Close Pay Gaps

Review all employee salaries and compare them with the responsibilities, seniority, and skills of each person. Correct any pay gap that seems to penalize older employees, women, or other groups. Companies that cannot afford to raise all salaries immediately can look at other options like employee stock plans, profit sharing, bonuses, or other benefits.

Avoid Biased Hiring

Make sure gender diversity in the workplace matches the diversity in society. The number of women in the company matters but make certain the management positions also include a diverse mix of men and women. Offer gender bias training for all employees to reduce inappropriate behavior and unfair promotions at every company level.

Insist on Equality

The workplace needs to become a judgment-free zone where everyone feels welcome. Businesses should welcome all races, religions, and gender identities. The employee base should include all ages, people born in any country, or any range of physical ability. All opportunities for learning and advancement in the company should be available to everyone.

Establish Strict Policies

Design a solid no discrimination policy that matches the organization’s standards and goals and enforce the policy. Many people in the LGBTQ community, for example, feel unable to reveal themselves to their coworkers due to a fear of coworkers shunning them or making them uncomfortable. About 10 percent of people have left a job due to not feeling welcome because of their sexual preference.

Management should have an open-door policy for its employees. Discrimination can happen quietly without anyone in charge realizing the discomfort someone feels when at work. People who can confess the stress they work under without the fear of penalization will be more likely to seek help. Quick action by the management to remove employees who discriminate can help to boost the confidence of the targets of these offenses.

All the leaders within a company need to work together with their employees to end inequality. An open, happy, and fair workplace is more productive and has a more comfortable atmosphere. Companies that train and enforce practices that stop discrimination will reap endless rewards for their efforts.